South West Peregrine group was formed in 2007. The group was formed to continue the work of Richard Treleaven (MBE) (1920 -2009), who had been studying the lives of Peregrines on the north Cornish coast since the late 1940’s. Dick as he was popularly known was recognised for many years as one of the foremost authorities on the Peregrine Falcons (falco peregrinus) and his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for the birds brought him into contact with many specialists all over the world.


During his long and illustrious involvement with Peregrine’s which spanned 50 plus years he witnessed the massive decline in falcon numbers due to DDT poisoning and was a leading campaigner in the banning of the substance. He was therefore delighted with the gradual re-colonisation of his local study area.

One of Dick’s major concerns in his latter years was that there was no one willing or able to continue his studies of his beloved Cornish birds,  as a group we have been more than happy and indeed privileged to follow in Dick’s footsteps. Filling his large shoes has been a very steep but rewarding learning curve to all concerned.

 RBT and pals

With every season that passes we learn a little more and hopefully the data that we collect and produce will be of interest to other like minded bodies and organisations. The group has grown in size over time and we now have contributors throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Original Members of the Team at ‘Blue Wings’ 2007

Affiliated to the Hawk and Owl Trust since 2014 and having close links to the BTO we continue the study of the coastal Peregrine in the far west of England.