Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) estimated records state around 1600 pairs in Devon and a similar number in Cornwall making this species the most numerous Raptor in the South West. An increasing and spreading population across the UK in the region of 57 – 79,000 pairs estimated. The Common Buzzard is a territorial creature, using a varying number of breeding sites within this territory and alternating between them year on year. The nest will usually be one-metre wide or larger and found in a tree or rocky outcrop holds a clutch of two to four eggs. The young leave the nest at 50 to 55 days but will stay around the parents for up to eight weeks after. The average lifespan for a buzzard is eight years in the Wild although 20+ years have been recorded. The will feed on numerous species from small mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and even carrion. Hunting in differing ways,  either perching and then swooping on prey, gliding or hovering (kestrel-like) over, then swooping down to catch it or walking along the ground feeding on insects, worms and moles.

Common Buzzard - Cornish Engine House Stack - Luke Curno
Common Buzzard – Cornish Engine House Stack – Luke Curno

An interesting Nest observation made by George Swan in the video below capturing the Common Buzzard feeding on an Eel at a monitored site in Cornwall.

Buteo buteo
Cornwall 2015 -Greg Curno