The Kestrel boxes sited last year are already paying off in bringing suitable nesting sites on the edge of great habitats. The UK Kestrel population is in decline as reported by the BTO and currently put on the AMBER list.

Therefore projects such as ours will hopefully help local numbers recover or at least stabilise the local population.

Here we see two young in one of the SWPG boxes; the adults are able to provision large quantities of food as a result of siting the boxes adjoining excellent habitat.

The landowner was thrilled that birds had occupied this particular site so quickly having only put the box up late last year. The birds will be ringed under licence and fitted with BTO recovery rings.

Kestrels typically lay between 4-5 eggs in a single brood, occupying varied habitats such as open grassland, heath, farmland and even towns they can often be seen hovering beside busy carriageways.

Length: 34 cm Wingspan: 76 cm Weight: M: 190 g   F: 220 g

Special thanks goes to Dave Scott for supplying BTO E Rings to get the job done at short notice.