An unfortunate part of the ringing process is that on occasions a ring will be recovered, most often as part of a fatality or other incident. But at least from these recoveries very useful data can be gathered as to the Origins of the bird recovered, distance travelled dispersal and lifespan etc. We have unfortunately had one such recovery reported, it was a young Falcon that fledged from a Devon Quarry; the bird in Question a young female that was ringed June 2016 was recovered in the Wiltshire area. The Darvic Ring (YN) and BTO metal ring were both recovered and duly reported to the ringing recover team at the BTO via EURING. The bird was retrieved from a carriageway of a busy main road, putting her 145km or 90 miles from her place of origin. She can be seen below having the Identification rings fitted back in 2016 by our dedicated ringing team.IMG_20160613_184420

If you ever come across any bird and find it fitted with such identification rings we would urge you to report it, this all helps build on the extensive data collect on all species. SWPG would like to thank the individual concerned for the recovery and reporting.

Information is available via the BTO website