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March 2015

Team install Kestrel Box

A short film has been produced to show the ease of installing a Kestrel box. We encourage anyone who has access to suitable habitat to give this a go for themselves. It is not only our garden birds that need homes at this time of year, many of our Birds of Prey also need our help.

The team are now looking to install a Barn Owl and Tawny Owl box along with artificial stick nests to encourage other raptors. We will keep you updated as to the progress of these projects in future posts.

Eagles and Falcons from the Northwest Pacific Region

I have recently been made aware of some wonderful photography of Bald Eagles and the American Peregrine Falcon on Google+ , Sharon who lives in the Pacific Northwest sure knows how to capture these birds in all their glory. Please take some time to check out these images, I am sure like me you will be envious of her work. I had a little time to see Bald Eagles, Peregrines and other Raptors whilst on a trip to Vancouver Island and this brought back many memories of that trip.


Sharon Landis

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