Providing new homes was on the Agenda at South West Peregrine; this week the group have been installing a Kestrel box in rural Cornwall, hoping to offer a new home to another of our struggling Birds of Prey. Although we still see good numbers of coastal Kestrel, it is believed that they could be declining and no one reason at the moment has been identified as cause for the concern. So as part of National Nest box week the volunteers got in touch with the Hawk and Owl Trust’s Adopt a Box scheme and got on with siting this box (No. 10480). Whoever takes advantage of this home will have a good variety of habitats from which it can provide for any potential family. Open Farmland, Scrubland and Wooded areas all adjourn the chosen location. We look forward to seeing the results. The group are planning to also site Barn Owl and Tawny Owl boxes along with a number of baskets to replicate stick nests. Each will be monitored and allow the group to gain a better understanding of other species of Birds of Prey and their habitat needs. The group are also working with local wildlife camera company Handykam using covert video technology to bring a closer insight into the lives of our Birds of Prey.

Falco tinnunculus
Falco tinnunculus
Team volunter securing box
Team volunteer securing box
Box 10480 a new home for Kes
HoT Box 10480 a new home for Kes