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November 2014

Memories from a fantastic season.

A short video looking back over a busy year of coastal and inland peregrine watching, it really has been a fabulous year. It is a privilege to experience the many wonders of our natural world. Good times spent in great company – what a year it has been.

Wildlife Crime Conference 2015

Eyes in the Field

Birders Against Wildlife Crime and the WildOutside have organised the first Wild Life Crime Conference to be held in Buxton, Derbyshire in March 2015.

The conference (the first of many, we hope) is called ‘Eyes in the Field’, based on BAWC’s ‘Recognise, Record, Report‘ initiative.

Aimed at ‘the public’ rather than at professionals, the idea behind the conference is to give us all the information we need to help tackle wildlife crime by providing a spread of information on: the impacts of wildlife crime; the work that charities/NGOs do to investigate wildlife crime; the training the police and investigation officers receive in tackling wildlife crime; how the police respond to reports of wildlife crime; and the processes that enable laws to be passed (or repealed) in Parliament.

In alphabetical order our line-up of confirmed speakers is as follows:

This will be a very full and interesting day, and we are planning to end the conference with an open panel debate. Throughout the day we will be encouraging audience interaction wherever possible.

Please see either Birders Against Wildlife Crime and the Wildoutside for full details

The Peregrine has landed

The Group were invited to SUMMERCOURT Academy and spent an enjoyable Day with all the classes teaching them facts about the Peregrine and other Birds of Prey that live in the British Isles.

Class Two

Every child measured their own Wingspan, saw videos, learnt about the Peregrine’s amazing eyesight as well as being able to see many other items of interest and colouring their own Peregrine and Barn Owl face masks. All the children enjoyed the experience as did the team. Education and discovery at such an early age is an important part in helping the conservation of our magnificent birds of prey.

Please see the Website for further details if you are interested in holding your own similar event.

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