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September 2014

Passage Osprey encounters Juvenile Peregrine

Local Devon based photographer and ‘Bird of Prey’ enthusiast Rich Edmondson, has kindly shared his experience from a recent outing, Rich captured all the action as it unfolded in front of him, giving an insight into how inquisitive or brazen our recently fledged Peregrine’s will be especially if a quick meal could be on the cards.

Rich said “I was at Lopwell Dam in Devon hoping to catch sight and photograph a reported Osprey.I had only been there about an hour when it appeared carrying a fish and being mobbed by a Juvenile Peregrine. It all happened very fast and I managed 7 photo’s.

SEP_2097 SEP_2099

SEP_2099     SEP_2072

The Osprey did not seem that bothered by the attack and just twisted a few times to avoid it. Then carried on its way. It was great to witness and I am very pleased to have been able to capture and share my experience”

I am sure you’ll all agree that it is a wonderful set of Images and it really must have been quite an experience to witness this unfold before your very eyes. Passage Ospreys are occasionally seen in the Tamar, and Tavy river systems as well as around Plymouth Sound, they provide good feeding grounds as Birds migrate to and from their Winter feeding grounds in Africa.

You can see more of Rich’s work here, who leaves us with one more incredible image of this Osprey before it embarks on it’s long flight to Africa.


Batten Bay Bio Blitz -Plymouth Sound

The group enjoyed the two days at the Mount Batten event last weekend. Over 200 school children attended on the Friday from local primary schools and many had their first Peregrine experience. We ran video exhibits to reach them of eyrie behaviour, they saw how the eye works and even got to see a Peregrine skeleton up close. Then they all measured their own wingspan and got a comparison to the equivalent British bird of prey. The Bio blitz was a huge success with some 788 species counted including Falco peregrinus…


The organisers did fabulous job along with all the volunteers and contributors. We hope to be back next year and get involved with more education. Thanks go to Jack and Eliane.


One intrepid group member even helped out Rock pooling and managed to go snorkelling in the bay.

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