South West Peregrine (SWP) are a non profit group who study , monitor, record and observe Peregrine Falcon numbers and behaviours in the South West of England.

SWP group are granted a Schedule 1 disturbance Permit by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), “for the purpose of ringing and nest recording and to take and possess addled eggs or eggs from nests known to be deserted”.
The permit is issued under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The Licence held by the trust, granted by the Country Agency allows the holder of this permit to engage in activities which the trust authorises to the permit holder.
The BTO permit is granted annually to the Permit Holder, who then in turn appoints accredited agents in respect of each of the nest sites. The Group has actively been studying a number of sites in both Devon and Cornwall since 2007, predominantly the Northern Coast of Cornwall.

Aims of the Group:

  • to monitor and record the breeding activities of peregrine falcons at known territories.
  • submit breeding records and data to the BTO, (Nest Record Scheme) to increase the National data.
  • provide protection where possible and report incidents of nest disturbance to the appropriate authority.
  • liaise with other raptor protection and wildlife groups with similar aims.
  • document and submit our findings to the relevant bodies.
  • raise public awareness of birds of prey persecution continuing in the UK.
  • engage the younger generation with a close-up experience of UK raptors.
  • provide Educational talks and presentations to groups of all ages.


Please note that we are only a ‘study group’ and do not have live feeds or webcams at any of the locations, we will not divulge the whereabouts of sites to anyone other than the appropriate authorities to whom we submit our findings. All of the territories, images and data featured on this website are within the two counties of Devon & Cornwall.


Roger Finnamore (Chairman) is a lifelong Peregrine enthusiast since observing his first Peregrine at the age of 8. Since then he has been hooked, studying behaviours of these birds at both coastal and inland sites throughout Devon and his native Cornwall. Roger was a sheep farmer and is now a dog behaviourist, predominately training the owners. A founding member of South West Peregrine in 2007.


Greg Curno  (Website & Social Media) has been interested in wildlife and birds of prey since he was a young boy. He became involved in the Plym Peregrine Project in 2006 and was a founding member of South West Peregrine. Greg is an IT Trainer and he uses this knowledge for maintaining the group’s website and social media presence. As well as creating the group’s talks and exhibition displays. follow SWPeregrines on twitter

Peter Welsh has been carrying out in-depth behavioural work on Cornish Peregrines and other raptors for 25+ years. His knowledge is extensive spending 1000’s of hours on the cliffs observing and writing. Peter surveyed bird of prey populations for the Forestry Commission in the New Forest. He also is an active member of the Cornwall Seal Group.

Kevin Beeson has been a field worker with the group since 2012. Kevin enjoys monitoring Peregrine sites in the North Cornwall area.

Ian McCarthy

Ian McCarthy has been with the team since 2012, Ian a BAFTA Award winning Wildlife Cameraman had worked with Dick Treleaven on numerous documentaries about the Peregrine. Ian has contributed to the BBC’s much-acclaimed filming of, Life In The Freezer, Blue Planet, Planet Earth and the most recent Frozen Planet which have taken him to some of Earth’s most remote wilderness. He now lives in Fowey where he and his wife  run their own gallery ‘Images from the Wild’. Ian monitors sites in the Fowey area. follow Ian on twitter


Luke Curno has studied Mammal ecology with Exeter University and is a keen amateur film-maker now studying a BSc in Film Production at Plymouth. Some of his work features on the group’s YouTube channel as well as numerous features on the Hawk and Owl website. He is a member of ‘A Focus on Nature’ and one of his highlight’s to date was to ring and satellite tag Golden Eagles with the RSPB in the Cairngorms in 2014. follow Luke on twitter

Bob Bosisto is a keen birdwatcher, with a particular interest in Birds of Prey. Bob monitors sites on the North Cornish coastline as well as numerous inland sites. A member and contributor of ‘A Focus on Nature’ Bob, as well as a keen conservationist, is also mad on football. follow Bob on twitter


Steve Watson (Treasurer) is a raptor enthusiast with a particular interest in observing and understanding the behaviour of Peregrine Falcons in the field. He has produced and presented a series of illustrated talks on Peregrines and would like to extend this to other raptors. Steve regularly visits the group throughout the year from his Gloucester home  and accompanies team members on field visits. follow Steve on twitter


Thomas Shanta Passionate about wildlife especially birds of prey and reptiles since an early age. Thomas studied zoology and ecology at Plymouth University, and is currently studying  MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity with Exeter. ‘My focus in life is to aid in conservation of peregrines and all birds of prey through further research’.

George Swan


George Swan is a PhD student working with Professor Robbie McDonald studying wildlife conflicts within the UK. The focus of my research project is the impact of birds of prey on game shooting interests. George is a new contributor to the group. follow George on twitter


Mike Stephens – Involved with SWP as a Field worker since 2016 Mike, who is recently retired, is already hooked on the Peregrine and living right on the North Cornish coast is able to gather regular updates from all of his local sites, further bio to follow


Steve Johnson  involved with SWP as a Field worker since2015, he has interested in birds of prey for about twenty years after meeting his wife’s father who kept and flew them. He started to keep birds after that – starting with a kestrel and a European eagle owl. He become a team member after introductions via a chance meeting with Gerrard Sabran on the coast path one afternoon, Gerrard  was a great friend of RBT and spent time watching the peregrines and other birds on this coast. Steve now spends as much time as work and family commitments allow monitoring the peregrines nearby.


Sam Sharp – Sam is one of the group’s climbers, he joined us in 2016 and got bitten by the bug straight away, putting his love of climbing with another passion, conservation.




Jess Williams has been fascinated with peregrines since an early encounter in the Wallowbarrow Gorge in the Lake District whilst on holiday with the Young Ornithologists Club. Her background is in Natural Science, and most recently she graduated Imperial College with an MSc in Conservation Science. She’s also a keen long distance runner.




Rachel Bailey (Education) joined the team having met up at Birdfair 2014, looking to get involved in a local group she has been assisting Bob on his field studies. Rachel is a teaching assistant and is keen on ensuring the next generation are well educated in the natural world.